Cooking class – Pizza


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Cooking class – Pizza

Before we prepare our pizza let’s learn about where pizza comes from and how different pizza is in it’s land of origin to what it is here in Canada.


The “Flipped” Classroom

For our online class discussion our group created and shared a Google document and then ‘chatted’ on the side in real time and responded to the questions about our experience on the document. This was an interesting excersice while collaborating as a group.

In a flipped classroom the content is viewed at home or prior to class and then the ‘homework’ is done in groups collaborating when the information has already been presented. I think this could work well but there are a few considerations:

  1. Do the students all have access to a computer?
  2. Are the instructions very clear, do they know exactly what is to be completed before the class?
  3. Are the groups well constructed (will all the paticipants be contributing)?

Here are some blogs from teachers using the flipped classroom: (entered in the last few days!)

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One of the blogs I read suggested using USB ports instead of the internet if that poses a problem for some learners.

These teachers seem to really enjoy using the flipped classroom and the third blog talks about how engaged his class is and how much ownership this students are taking (a student who needs to miss school later in the week worked ahead to ensure he was caught up.) This same teacher now has the whole year set up as flipped classes.